Month: December 2019


Neon, the AI by Samsung at CES 2020.

Samsung is all set to introduce a new highlight in the trend of Artificial Intelligence. In march 2017, the big tech giant Samsung announced their AI assistant Bixby, which was first introduced in Galaxy S8. Samsung Technology and Advance Research Lab which is known as STAR Labs has developed Neon, an AI-powered product.Neon is said…
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Latest Products that Apple Launched.

Apple TV+ Apple has recently introduced the service of streaming video subscription. It is available to at least 100 countries around the world. When purchasing an IPhone, Apple TV, Mac, IPad, users can avail the free one-year subscription that comes with it. Benefits: Service comes with one year subscription when buying a Apple TV 4k.…
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Creating List in VB6 from SQL

Creating a dynamic list in vb6 using data from Database. a) Add components from the Components window. b) Add Available References. c) Create a sub filllistview() d) Add connection to object cn e) open connection. f) Add SQL query to a string variable. g) Fetch data h) Add data to list items CODE:-


Get Data from API in Php

Code to fire an API and decode its JSON response and get the status in Php: Code for fetching data from an API in PHP: 1. pass the url in a variable. 2. pass the data that you want to add as a parameter in the API, in another variable [$data]. 3. Encode the data…
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Quantum Computers

The way Quantum Computers work is very interesting. Quantum computers are able to perform complex mathematical calculations.They have a very powerful computing power in comparison to the computers that we use. They carry the potential to process more data.The computers we use carry out computations using binary 0 and 1.This is known as the bit.…
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence of the machines. Artificial Intelligence enable machines to think and make decisions on their own. As we human have natural intelligence, so does the machines.Artificial Intelligence has touched the peaks of trends in the technology world.Python is the trending language that gets along with artificial intelligence. Machines are programmed in…
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ScrollBar using VB6

Add a form in VB6 Inside the form, add an ImageViewer (Figure 3). Add a TextBox in ImageViewer (Figure 2) Add a ScrollBar in the form. As shown below. Open the code of the form. Add the code of creating a scrollbar when adding a textbox by clicking the button. The code snippet below shows…
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Machine Learning

Machine learning applies Artificial Intelligence in broader ways. One of them is that is allows a machine to learn and compute complex solutions on its own without the need for external programming. Machine learning allows the development of computer solutions and programs that has the capability to access data and use that data to learn.…
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