Neon, the AI by Samsung at CES 2020.

Neon, the AI by Samsung at CES 2020.


Samsung is all set to introduce a new highlight in the trend of Artificial Intelligence.
In march 2017, the big tech giant Samsung announced their AI assistant Bixby, which was first introduced in Galaxy S8.

Samsung Technology and Advance Research Lab which is known as STAR Labs has developed Neon, an AI-powered product.
Neon is said to be launched in the upcoming year 2020.

Its hard to say what Neon will be like, but looking at the recent tweets made by the company, we can say that Neon will be able to interact in multiple languages.
Samsung posted different images with a question “Have you ever met an ‘Artificial’?” in five different languages, which gives us the idea that how Neon might be.


Recently on 26th of December-2019 ,the official page of the company in twitter tweeted that “NEON is NOT about Bixby, or anything you have seen before” contrary to some news saying that Neon was an advancement to Bixby.
The company has said that Neon will be the Digital human having emotions and intelligence as real human beings. It tweeted, NEON = ARTIFICIAL HUMAN.
There has been teasers which show how neon will look, but it does not reveal exactly how it will be.

Samsung will reveal Neon at CES 2020, which the global innovation stage that brings life to future innovations and that will take place in January.
Pranav Mistry is the CEO and president of the unit. He served the post of Global Vice President at Samsung.

Looking back at the AI Assistants that were introduced to us,
Google came up with Google Assistant.
Apple introduced Siri.
Amazon came up with Alexa.
And here is to the year 2020, with Samsung coming up with Neon.