CES 2020 highlights

CES 2020 highlights

ces 2020

Thousands of tech products were unveiled in CES 2020 that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Some of the highlights of the CES 2020 are surprisingly jaw-dropping. Giant techies such as Samsung, LG and other companies welcomed in an extraordinary twist in technology. Technology has jumped to a new level when talking about the highlights that are unveiled in CES 2020.


Everything that Google walked around in CES 2020 was about its AI-powered voice assistant that is ‘Google Assistant’.


Here are the features that are new:

  • Google Assistant records anything that is said to it when the sentence starts with the phrase ‘Hey Google’. It is not supposed to record anything that does not start with ‘Hey Google’. But, in some situations the AI will bring up its ears and record what is being heard by it and keep a history of it. By saying ‘Hey Google, this was not for you.’ the assistant will wipe out the history of what was said recently.
  • Google Assistant will be able to read a web page. It will be able to read the relevant content in the web page without reading out the content of button and other links.Google also mentioned that it wants the text to be highlighted and auto scrolled as it is read.
  • Google brought a very interesting idea of Pinning sticky notes on the smart display. This idea allows you to give a command to the Google Assistant to pin a note to the smart display which will be visible to everyone. As you say ‘Hey Google, Attend grand meetup at seven’. The sticky note will be displayed on the smart display.
  • Speed dial concept highlights the important phone numbers on the smart display where it would be visible to everyone.
  • Interpreter mode allows the translation of different languages spoken by two different people engaged in a conversation. The interpreter mode will allow a smart display that is powered by AI to show the translation.

Samsung unveiled the latest technologies by show casting its products at CES 2020. Samsung introduced its latest technology innovation in Smart TV’s and other personal care AI powered products. President and CEO of Consumer Electronics Division-Samsung Electronics HS Kim tweeted that:

“We are not looking to spend money on thingsā€¦ We are looking to experience life. This must drive our innovation.”



Sero is the newest styled TV that syncs with the Galaxy Phone to shift into the landscape and portrait orientation of the mobile device. I automatically rotates vertically with respect to portrait mode of the Samsung Galaxy. Whenever you rotate your phone, the TV also rotates.



Ballie is a small rolling robot that is AI powered robot that is a companion that can understand and support people. Ballie is a softball sized robot.



GEMS is an exo-skeleton that is connected to the augmented reality glasses of Samsung. This Gait Enhancing and motivating system integrates with Galaxy smartphone and watch to provide workout experience to monitor fitness goals.
With the help of GEMS, people with disabilities can be able to achieve physical fitness goals.

Some appliances powered with the latest technologies such as AI, Augmented Reality, IOT were introduced by Samsung.
Samsung displayed how appliances can be fully automated to assist people in kitchen.

Samsung Bot Chef


Samsung Bot chef as then name suggests is a bot that assists in chopping, seasoning and cutting food items and make favorite dishes.Samsung Bot Chef is a future concept.

Family Hub refrigerator

hub refrigerator

The family hub refrigerator helps in guiding for meal preparations by showing meal plans with the help of whisk.



Samsung came up with a future concept where a refrigerator ‘Planta’ is used to grow fresh ingredients. Whenever you want to prepare some meals, you can just pluck the fresh ingredients for your meal.

Samsung also came up with Health and meditation guidance.

Calm App

calm app

Users of Samsung Health are now able to access the features that are provided by the Calm App. Calm App provides Meditation guide, Better sleep programs and other health living programs that are accessible from your Samsung device.

Samsung has always performed well when it comes to mobile technology. At CES 2020, Samsung unveiled its fold-able technology by show casting the Galaxy Fold 5G. It has the latest 5G mobile technology and it is fold-able.

Galaxy Chromebook was introduced which came with many unbelievable features that knocks off one’s thinking about technology.

Galaxy Book Flex was introduced with the ultra-portable facility and more powerful in terms of its computation speed and experience.

Vision-S of Sony

Sony vision s

Sony astonished everyone at the CES 2020 by unveiling the electric sedan with the vision-s concept. The Sony car is packed with entertainment and other features of Sony. Its a concept idea that Sony came up with.

Oneplus concept one


The best part of Oneplus concept one is that it has a feature of disappearing camera. The glass behind the Oneplus can become opaque and hide the cameras. The glass becomes transparent whenever the camera is used.