Programming Languages for Blockchain

Programming Languages for Blockchain


The word Blockchain is familiar in the technology industry around the globe.
Blockchain has emerged as a promising technology for the future Technical Industry with its features and characteristics. It had boomed recently like no other technologies.
There are a number of programming languages that can be used to develop Blockchain applications.

The popular languages for Blockchain development include:

1. JavaScript

As being one of the popular language ranked by many platforms such as GitHub and Stack overflow, JavaScript is used as a programming language for Blockchain.
There are many resources available on internet for learning JavaScript. New JavaScript Frameworks such as NodeJs, React, Angular and Vue provide a vast amount of exiting features and options for developers.
As a beginner, you can learn JavaScript from Scratch by understanding the basic level.
In Blockchain, JavaScript is used in HyperLedger Fabric SDK, Neo, Etheruem.js and other platforms.

2. C++

Considered as the King of Object Orientation, C++ is also used in Blockchain development. It is easy to learn as it is a upgradation of c itself. It majorly follows the syntax of C. C++ is used in many Blockchain cryptocurrency projects like: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Stellar and many others.

3. Python

Ruling the trend, Python is a high-level, dynamically typed programming language. Python is mainly used in AI and Machine learning projects. Many interesting frameworks of Python are available that provide pros to the developers.
Python is easy to learn from beginner level and scratch. Numerous libraries are available in Python, giving a major advantage to the developers.
Hundreds and thousands of Python tutorials are available in the internet. \Pythereum is used for creating contracts and smart-contracts.

4. Solidity

Solidity is mainly used by Ethereum developers. Decentralized and high-quality applications are created with the help of solidity.
Solidity is available on Ethereum platform and it is one of the language that allow the developer to write high level code for Ethereum network of Blockchain.

5. Simplicity

Simplicity was just released in the year 2017. It provides smart contract development and Blockchain development.
Simplicity is an object oriented language. It provide s many capabilities for Blockchain development.

Blockchain technology will expand in the coming future. Many more languages for Blockchain development may come in the future with more capabilities and functionality.
There are many other languages other that the above mentioned, which are used in the development of Blockchain projects and creating contracts.