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ces 2020

CES 2020 highlights

Thousands of tech products were unveiled in CES 2020 that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Some of the highlights of the CES 2020 are surprisingly jaw-dropping. Giant techies such as Samsung, LG and other companies welcomed in an extraordinary twist in technology. Technology has jumped to a new level when talking about the highlights…
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Latest Products that Apple Launched.

Apple TV+ Apple has recently introduced the service of streaming video subscription. It is available to at least 100 countries around the world. When purchasing an IPhone, Apple TV, Mac, IPad, users can avail the free one-year subscription that comes with it. Benefits: Service comes with one year subscription when buying a Apple TV 4k.…
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Keyboard Shortcuts

Some of the well known shortcuts of keyboard are listed below: Windows key + E: opens up the file explorer. Windows key + R: opens the run window. Alt + tab: switch between open programs. Ctrl + Shift + Esc: opens task manager window. Windows key + up arrow: maximize current open window. Ctrl +…
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What SAR Value indicates about your mobile device?

SAR simply stands for specific absorption rate. It measures the amount of EMF radiation that is generated by cell phone devices which in turn is absorbed by body tissues. Different SAR values of mobile phones show how much harm they cause to the body tissue when using these devices.