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Programming Languages for Blockchain

The word Blockchain is familiar in the technology industry around the globe.Blockchain has emerged as a promising technology for the future Technical Industry with its features and characteristics. It had boomed recently like no other technologies.There are a number of programming languages that can be used to develop Blockchain applications. The popular languages for Blockchain…
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I send PHP mail via SMTP

Step – 1: First you add PHPMailer Class From GITHUB Step – 2: add Form Step – 3: Mail Configuration

Create mysql trigger after insert

To create a MYSQL Trigger, follow the below code that shows the steps: Step-1 : Create a table ‘orders_details’. Step-2 : Create a table ‘orders_tracking’ . Step-3 : Create trigger . Step-4 : insert data in ‘orders_details’. And show ‘orders_tracking ‘ table not insert same value in this table.With use of trigger.

Create sql trigger after insert

To create a SQL Trigger, follow the below code that shows the steps: Step-1 : Create a table ‘orders details’ Step-2 Step-3: Create a table ‘orders_tracking’ Step-4: Create SQL trigger and after inserting process


Creating List in VB6 from SQL

Creating a dynamic list in vb6 using data from Database. a) Add components from the Components window. b) Add Available References. c) Create a sub filllistview() d) Add connection to object cn e) open connection. f) Add SQL query to a string variable. g) Fetch data h) Add data to list items CODE:-


Get Data from API in Php

Code to fire an API and decode its JSON response and get the status in Php: Code for fetching data from an API in PHP: 1. pass the url in a variable. 2. pass the data that you want to add as a parameter in the API, in another variable [$data]. 3. Encode the data…
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ScrollBar using VB6

Add a form in VB6 Inside the form, add an ImageViewer (Figure 3). Add a TextBox in ImageViewer (Figure 2) Add a ScrollBar in the form. As shown below. Open the code of the form. Add the code of creating a scrollbar when adding a textbox by clicking the button. The code snippet below shows…
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CSS – Giving a pretty, good-looking touch to your Web Pages.

UI/UX plays a vital role at the designer’s side as well as for the users. Eye-catching view has a positive effect towards driving more and more visitors to take a peek of your web page. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) makes web pages more user friendly by making web pages look attractive. The web browser only…
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