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Blockchain is a series of immutable records called blocks. These blocks are linked to one another in a chain. Hence referring as blockchain. Blockchain technology was first introduced to the public when Bitcoin came into the market.Each Block in a blockchain is connected to another block using cryptographic rules. This chain of blocks is accessible…
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence of the machines. Artificial Intelligence enable machines to think and make decisions on their own. As we human have natural intelligence, so does the machines.Artificial Intelligence has touched the peaks of trends in the technology world.Python is the trending language that gets along with artificial intelligence. Machines are programmed in…
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Machine Learning

Machine learning applies Artificial Intelligence in broader ways. One of them is that is allows a machine to learn and compute complex solutions on its own without the need for external programming. Machine learning allows the development of computer solutions and programs that has the capability to access data and use that data to learn.…
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Big Data

Big Data is the trending technology in the field of computer science. As we glance at the environment, the world is revolving in a faster pace in technology. Big Data simply defines a huge pile of data that is used further for analysis of information, trends and mining of data for the use in technologies…
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